Art in my Bag

I love doing art in public places, I carry a big backpack full of art supplies and stuff to do Art Journaling and Art Trading Cards as well as other art.  There are times my bag weighs over 20 pounds.

Here are just a few of the supplies I carry in my bag at any one time

This is my blog on my Art journal and other are, especially the stuff i carry in my bag


One response to “Art in my Bag

  1. Enjoyed your blog, today. Found you on Art Journaling at Ning. I have to keep my travel supplies light, so I try to keep it to anything I can carry in a zippered notebook. I have a pretty nice one with lots of pockets, so it holds quite a bit. I have a wordpress blog, but only use it for stream-of-consciousness writing, so I don’t link it to anything else I do on the web. My Website is badly in need of updating, but you can find it at I love journaling in odd places and look forward to spring in Central Park. 🙂

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