A DIY for the Handfasting – Guestbook

I am changing my Handfasting Blog into more of an official handfasting/wedding website using a blog format and moving the blog elements around to my other blogs where they fit.

I found a great photo album that holds 72 4×6 photos and has a picture frame on the front, so I watercolored about 50 4×6 sheets of watercolor paper with a few different techniques in reds and purples with a few blues (purple and black is our main color with red and blue as accent) we will put all the cards on a table with a couple of containers of different metallic gel pens and markers along with clipboards and stickers and ask people to leave us messages through out the reception.
I also got a great photo box that has a picture frame in the front as well, I will put a page explaining what we want in it and have it as a place for people to put the finished cards
When we are done we will fill the album with both the cards and the photos of us with guests so we will have both an album and guestbook

Box and 4×6 watercolor sheets

Guestbook album and sheets

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