Inspiration Avenue challenge – Tropical

Inspiration Avenue challenge this week is TROPICAL

Now tropical colors are not my general palette but my dad raises  Coral and tropical fish and runs a research foundation that studies the self sustaining propagation of Coral.  These are photos from his tanks that I ran through very simple photo shop programs.  I think they are fun.

Clown fish in Ripcordia Coral in a tank at

Clown fish in a tank with Xenia Coral (not Sea Anemones)

A word about Clown fish, people think they need Sea Anemones to flourish, not true at all, in fact if you know anyone with a tank that has ever had a clown fish they will tell you they love soft coral, they even love over turned flower pots.  And anyone who has ever had a Sea Anemone will tell you they tend to be much more trouble than they are worth by far… they move around the tank and if they die they are so toxic they will kill your tank off quickly.   To learn more about Coral and Clown fish in captivity check out GARF.ORG


6 responses to “Inspiration Avenue challenge – Tropical

  1. love your tropical images!!!

  2. Both are beautiful! My favorite is the second one…I love the soft colors. Interesting facts about keeping clown fish. I don’t have fish, but I imagine it would be wonderful to be able to see these beauties every day!

  3. I like your photographs (the first is my fav) And I like your profile T’rina, very much…you sound like an amazing person!

  4. Oh wow these are both fantastic! The first is my fav and they both rock!
    I look forward to more of your submissions!


  5. The Photoshop effect on these photographs is great.
    Very nice.

  6. wonderful images – before I read the description I thought they were painted – must try some of those PSE effects

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