So much still to do in Organizing my Studio

My number one goal for this year is to get organized, the house and most of all the studio and I AM trying, really I am but this is the worse possible time of year for me with seasonal affective disorder and what I think is now a case of anemia (if not than certainly iron deficiency…got blood work Tuesday the 3rd) and I just have NO ENERGY.

I would say I am now about 35% done, I have been sorting the stuff out of the studio into boxes in the front room by types as much as possible but I have so many random things I am not sure how I can possibly organize it all.  I know I have or can make space and I have come up with a few ideas for storage options from searching the internet and Pinterest.

The main thing for me is Shoe Bags I have used them for years and have them on most available surfaces, and soon I am moving the book cases around to have more use of my spare table and also so I can put show bags on the back of the bookcase at the end of that table.  I figure right now I need about 5 of the long clear ones, I just dont really have the money for them right now, I might be able to get one or two at this time.

The door to the closet in the studio was removed to use the swinging space and now it leans against the wall in the large walk in closet (this was suppose to be the master bedroom though it is nearly the same size as our room and I prefer an outside wall to a wall that has a stairwell against it)  We will take it to our garage and store it in the rafters and I will be able to use the wall space it now takes up for more bags.

I am trying very hard not to get dissuaded, I feel pretty awful right now and I still have stuff to sort out and then it has to come back in here to be put away, I am scared to death that it will just end up a huge mess again but I can’t put off the game we play here on Sundays since it has been a month with holidays and people being sick and out of town and this is Alex’s home too and he doesn’t ask a lot but he loves role playing games.

I think some of it is going into the dining room and some is going carefully on to the desks and NOTHING is going to be stacked on top of anything else (toppling boxes had a lot to do with the last big mess)  I really only have til Saturday afternoon since I work Saturday night and so by 5pm Saturday everything has to be out of the front room for Sunday.   This means that we need to move the door and the bookcases Thursday and I need to see about buying shoe bags as soon as I can.

Speaking of shoe bags I have had a set next to my desk under the window and had my makeup there for ages and when the heater goes on it tends to get hot so I am removing it, (I dont wear much anyway) I have a drawer for it but mostly I intend to weed through it, toss or give away stuff I dont use and then I will do this project higher up over my desk with just the items I do use.

After i move everything out of them I will use them for a combination of random things I use on my desk and pencils and the type where I dont have to worry about the heat effecting them.

So as I start to fade it looks like another nap for me and then I will get up in a few hours to give it another go…. exhausted insomnia (you can’t sleep or sleep in only small bursts but have no energy) is really driving me mad.  I am only a few bins away from being done and then I need to empty some sets of drawers so I can put stuff back the right way. The moment the game is done I am hauling the bins out into the front room again and putting stuff away one bin or box at a time.  For now I am too tired to think so wish me luck where sleeping is concerned.


2 responses to “So much still to do in Organizing my Studio

  1. Have your doctors check your B12 and B6 vitamin levels. I have those issues, and what you are describing sounds pretty familiar.

    • Just had B12, D, Iron and a general blod work done, waiting for the results, have to go into Lab to get AEK so I may ask my surgeon to approve a B1 and B6 draw as well

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