My Big fear right now

I almost cried yesterday as my husband Alex loaded the boxes of basically sorted art supplies BACK into the studio and into the dining room.  “Be careful honey dont spill them, what if it ends up like before and just gets worse all over again” I said woefully even as he assured me he would not let it get that bad even if he had to sort it all out again.

We host a weekly game on Sundays and because of the holiday season I had 2 weeks where I could fill the living room with boxes and bins and do a primary sort of my couple of hundreds of pounds of art supplies.  Yes everything pretty much needs to be sorted some more, big bins of pencils, markers and gel pens are sorted into Ziploc bags but there are so many colored pencils I am having to make containers to organize them by color and type (watercolor vs plain) and the same is going to happen with markers.  I am hording aluminum cans with the lids carefully removed to create smooth edges and I am planning different ways to mount and stack them to use for storage and organization of supplies

Here are some of the ideas I have seen.

Obviously my big terror is that things will get messy, will get dug through and disorganized beyond easy recovery (not that I am at the anywhere near easy stage yet) I have to stay on top of this, I have to make this work because I feel smothered by the amount of stuff I need to organize and I want to get it done in a way that it wont just fall back into a disaster at the first large project.

I have told Alex that as soon as the Sunday game is over he better plan on emptying out the closet again, I will have one week of being able to use my front room and I need the closet empty so I can start to put things into it in the right order.  We removed the door so now I have a large shoe bag hanging from the wall ready for stuff and I plan to put a small rack of shelves in there soon also (possibly another set of drawers, which ever works best)

I am determined, just seeing the bins in here again is stressing me out, I WANT WANT WANT this room organized!!!


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