Working on making stuff to help me organize

I have been looking at boxes and bins for art supplies at the store and they are either way expensive or (and) the wrong thing for what I need.
I did buy a bunch of clear heavy-duty shoe bags to hang stuff in but I also need stuff to organize the drawers of my dresser and on my desk.  I have been given a lot of babyfood jars so I am going to see if I can use some of them to hold small bits and pieces but I will have to figure out how I want to store them.  I am thinking of mounting some of them by their lids to the underside of some of my shelves possibly by gluing magnets to them or to the shelves.
Right now I am working mostly with tin cans and making holders for pencils and markers. I have a can opener that opens the cans from the side making the edges smooth.  I have had this large metal cookie tin for years and after making a huge pot of chili had many 16 oz cans that I ran through my dishwasher.  8 of the cans fit into the tin leaving a few extra spaces available, I then glued the cans into the bottom of the tin with an extra strong glue and stacked full cans on top of it overnight.
The finished container sorts my colored pencils by basic color groups as well as by metallic pencils, watercolor pencils, oil pencils, charcoal pencils and drawing quality pencils.





One response to “Working on making stuff to help me organize

  1. LOVE the idea with the cans! Have been trying to organize my art room (it’s an unholy mess) but, solutions are escaping me. Julie Fei-Fan Balzer is also doing organization options on her blog so you all are helping me try to figure this puzzle out. The bad thing is I will remember where it was but, not where it is now. We went through some remodeling in December, like I needed more stress at Christmas, didn’t plan it for that month but, that’s how it ended up . I too stressed over the chaos which resulted in several mini strokes. Take care of yourself.

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