Boozy Buzzed Brownies of DOOM (Cooking/art of improv)

WARNING:: these are high caffeine booze soaked chocolate bombs


1 box of basic chocolate brownies (and however many eggs and how much oil it calls for to make the chewy style brownies)

SToKs coffee shots (these are available at some convenience stores with the coffee creamers) it takes about 6 of them to make up the liquid for the brownies (this equals 3 Strong cups of coffee)

half a cup of caffeinated instant mocha mix like the International flavors

1/4 cup of instant coffee grounds (more if you like a very strong coffee taste)

half a bag of chocolate chips

enough milk to make sure the mix is a good brownie texture… 3 tblsp works for me

mix up and place in an oiled 8×8 or 9×9 square pan and bake following the brownie mix, bake til they are well done but not burnt and allow to cool


1/4-1/3 cups instant mocha mix

2/3 powdered sugar

2 oz of rum

a tablespoon of soft butter

Mix together in a measuring cup adding more sugar if need be to get a thin frosting

When the brownies cool they should be a little harder than regular brownies … pour the thin glaze over the brownies and using a chopstick or unsharpened pencil poke holes in the brownies and push the glaze down in it.

Mix 2 more oz of rum with a heaping tblsp of mocha or instant coffee mix and pour this over the glaze being sure to work it into the holes and down the sides…wrap tight and let sit for an hour or more.


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