Upcycling as I pack to move

I am trying to sort and organize my studio and use up or recycle certain odd things I have around.  Last year in Feb a group I work with hosted a teen dance with the theme of 8-bit love, and so as part of the decorations I got a 125 count pack of 8.5×11″ astrobrite printing paper in 5 neon colors and made Tetris pieces by cutting the paper into 5.5″ x 11″ strips leaving 125 pieces of 3×11″ paper.
I just couldn’t throw it away and decided to use it as scrap paper but never really did since it was an odd size and I had it out of the way.
I also have some small sturdy cardboard boxes used to ship eyeglasses that are 5″long by 3.5 wide and 3″ deep so I cut off the lid on one and covered it in black duct tape and then folded the pieces in half and cut an inch and a half out of the middle leaving 250 pieces of 4 3/4inch by 3 inch paper.
Now I have a nice little box of bright (or astrobrite) note paper I can keep by the front door for notes.



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