Art and craft project ideas for 2013

Just some ideas for future projects

1. Use up as much of the material from my old dresses and skirts as I can
A) make a day of the dead hoopla by embroidering on skull skirt material
B) make Teesha Moore style patchwork bag using Halloween patterned skirt material
C) make velvet patchwork throw with Halloween skirt backing
D) make velvet patchwork bag
E) make velvet and calico material floor pillow
F) velvet cowl scarf

2. Craft organization
A) make wall mounted wire rack paint bottle holders
B) use small boxes to make drawer deviders and cover them
C) use mailing boxes to make paper holder/dividers

3. House stuff
A) air freshener using essential oils and vodka
B) wreath for front door for summer…
C) wreath for spring,
D) gypsy/Bohemian inspired beaded chandelier
E) easy off peek through mirror
F) decorate freezer door
G) fish scale paper Chinese lantern

4.  Jewelry and accessories
A) organza singed flower pins for hats and lapel
B) paper layered necklace (diamond glaze)
C) bamboo tile bracelet
D) DIY screen painted item
E) freezer paper stencil

5. Art projects
A) mosaic painting using textures and found bits
B) mixed media paper painting
C) sculpy tile Mosaic
D) altered art bottle
E) 20 art journal pages

6. Craft projects
A) alter hello kitty to Goth kitty ornaments
B) make branch gothmas tree
C) cinnamon Halloween ornaments
D) home made stamps from at least 3 techniques
E) 12 random acts of craft kindness/gifts (12 things to give away for no real reason)
F) complimentary coffee mugs
G) do at least 4 tutorials of my crafts
H) melted bead ornaments using cookie cutters
I) sweater material covered rice warming bags

7. Sewing projects/clothing
A) turn tank top into skirt / bottom of dress
B) make flowing semi sheer skirt/black
C) make sheer purple spiderweb over skirt
D) arm warmers from socks
E) boot socks/leg warmers from a sweater

8. Cooking


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