First steps towards fixing the art room in 2013

So one of the first big steps to fixing my art room up in the new house have been boxing everything that was in there up and putting everything except the paint, pens, markers and glue containers in the garage.
We have a birthday party we are hosting here for a friend on Saturday so we will be sweeping and vacuuming in there then putting down a lot of floor pillows and putting our spare blankets in pillowcases so that people can lounge around and sleep in there if need be.
Then Sunday we will bring in the rolling drawer units and clean them out and organize them how we want and hang up the plastic shoe bags I store small things in.
We will mark everything with what goes where and I will bring in one box of things at a time then sort and inventory everything and put it away.
This is my goal over the next 6 weeks.  I wish I could go faster but between dealing with hundreds upon hundreds of different bits and pieces of art supplies that are in total disarray  (literally hundreds of pounds of stuff, yes I am a hoarder) and my physical limitations and other commitments I will be lucky to be done that fast.

Right now the hard part is as I packed stuff up I want to use it, I left some supplies in my backpack to use when we go to coffee but I can’t let myself start crafting out of the stuff in the garage or nothing will ever be put back the right way.
Right now I am only giving myself a few hours a week to craft or art journal until it is all done.


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