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Mini list of holiday projects

Working on my mini list for Christmas

Window decor (hanging ornaments)
Wreath for the front door for November using my Halloween hair wreath and glittering butterfly
Wreath for Dec made from green coffee filter flowers and ornaments
hand made Christmas cards (possibly small 4×6″ paintings instead)
Rice hot socks with lavender
Pesto from home grown basil
Ornament making salt dough kits for 5 kids
Painting for mom
A garland of bird ornaments for grandma
Christmas journals (journals for listing gifts and cards)
Organizing new art room and art supply storage in garage

The ACTUAL 50 crafts I have done in 2012

here is the original list of crafts I wanted to do for 2012

I may still do them all but quickly I realized that having a list in advance is not my style and I decided to empty my list and simply fill it as I went,

So on the last day of April I posted my 50th project and it would of been sooner but March ended up being a nearly craft free month due to being down all the time.

So here is the list from the craftalong


1.   100% reorganized Craft Room and Supplies

2.    Rose Queen/Thorn King Costume wire and bead Crown for me and Alex  %%% (2/2) (Jan ’12)

3.   Wet Wipe board using large picture frame, collaged photos and white tissue paper to lighten image  %%% (Jan ’12)

4.   Prep all pages for Quotes/thoughts long thin journal Art Journal pages (Feb ’12)

5.   Wired vials with little Garnets for B-day gift (Jan ’12)

6.   Handmade charms for bracelet/magnets (printed image on plastic crystals) (20)

7.   Make a “beaded” curtain out of crayon and wax paper stain glass for Dining room window (Jan ’12)

8.   Upcycled Coasters %%%  (Jan ’12) (6/6

9.   Painted and decorated Jars and vases for the Bohemian front room (7) %%% (Jan ’12)

10.   Make Alcohol ink from old Sharpie markers %%% (Feb ’12)

11.   Make stained glass Lightbulbs for Lanterns %%%  (Feb ’12) (5/5)

12.   Decorated Blank Journal as gift  (Vintage Nudes) (Jan ’12)

13.   Sculpy Game Pieces for Role Playing Game Map Painted with Nail Enamel (10) [/b] (Jan ’12)

14.   Beaded Valentine wire Heart %%% (Jan ’12)[/color]

15.   Cardboard and Paint Sacred Heart wall piece (Now faux clock) %%% (Jan ’12)

16.   6 wall art pieces (glue, puffy paint and acrylic on canvas) (Jan-Feb ’12) (6/6)

17.   Phoenix For a friend painting (glue and acrylic on canvas) (Jan ’12)

18.    Be Kind Painting (art journal styled writing in puffy paint then painted over with acrylics) (Feb ’12)

19.   12×12 marker over old geography book pages on canvas %%% (Feb ’12)

20.   Coffee filter flower holiday light mini string (Feb ’12)

21.   Decorate (paint/collage/decoupage) small bookcase  %%% (Mar ’12)

22.   Zentangle sampler book (ONGOING)

23.   Black Skully Ribbon Hair clips (1/2) (Apr ’12)

24.   Try and blog 12 new and different weight loss surgery friendly recipes (1 a month) (5/12) (links at bottom of list)

25.    Arabic Lanterns (made from a cut apart BBQ rotisserie cage and an old sweater) (Mar ’12) (2/2)

26.   Painting … GREEN FAIRY ON SKULL  (Feb ’12)

27.   Painting … Map of the Heart  (Feb ’12)

28.  Bleach Pen T-shirt and scarf design for Snakes Day (St Pats) (March ’12) (2/2)

29.   Made a clock with cheap clock insides and a 12×12 canvas and alcohol inks that I splattered as I was rebottling them. (Feb ’12)

30.   Make Post-it TO-DO LIST posters (2/4) (Apr ’12)

31.   Sculpy tiles for a mosaic-clock maybe  (11/?)

32.   Decorate the Front room in my own Bohemian/gothic style and crafts (ONGOING)

33.    Dye bamboo tiles with homemade Alcohol ink (Mar ’12) (250+)

34.    Pounds Lost (to lose) Jars painted and filled with Alcohol ink dyed bamboo tiles

35.   All Snakes Day Hair clip, sculpy snake on faux leather

36.   Added lace to the bottom of a package of mens A-shirts (A line tank tops) to make dresses

37.    Measuring Tape Hair Bows with Skulls (3/?) (Apr ’12)

38.    Keyboard key Hair bows (4) (April ’12)

39.   8×8 Art Journals pages (2/?) (ONGOING)

40.   Challenge pages from Art Journaling on NING (5/?) (ONGOING)

41.   Weight Loss Surgery Art Journal Pages (8/?) (ONGOING)

42.   Challenges from Inspiration Avenue (3/?) (ONGOING)

43.   Use samples of Vinyl wall coverings to cover cheap journals and paint (2/10)

44.    Blog/document at least 12 of these projects (5/12)

45.    Wired and beaded and inlaid Spoonie Spoons (7/?)  (Apr ’12)

46.     Large long strapped bookbag for Alex made from a air of Air Force Camo Pants and a thrift store belt  %%% (Apr ’12)

47.     Zentangles (ONGOING)

48.   Mini Art journal Pages  (ONGOING)

49.   Cloth Sculpy Bat Hair Bows (2) (Apr ’12)

50.   “beaded” curtain out of metallic and collaged cut out paisleys sewn on the sewing machine like a garland with plastic crystals at the bottom to keep them from tangling in the breeze(Apr ’12)

(Started but dont have one finished..this does not include sets of more than one where only a few are finished)

A}   Set of 20 Origami Light shades for holiday lights (adapted a pattern for a Triangle cover) (WIP)

B}.    Small handmade rainbow book with quotes and Zentangles for a June wedding (WIP)

C}    Med Sized Art Journaling Camo bag with paint splatters

D}      Sculpy beads for hair bows

D}      Altered Wrist Cuffs from Camo shirts for theme party

Art Journaling with Ink Blots

Interpret yourself ala Frida Art Journal Challenge

Here is my version of the Challenge at

My Gothic Side meets my Bohemian side

Faux tiled journals


Vinyl Wallcoverings with texture


Cheap Clearance Journal from Micheal’s


Random selection of the pieces of vinyl in neutral colors


Glued them down after trimming them with a slide cutter

I used Elmers first but it was annoying (slipping and sliding and taking a long time to dry) I now use a very small amount of E-600


I then painted the journal gold and used a foam stamp and matte red paint

Some Art journal pages I did this week

Dancing like lightning

Storm Challenge


A print of one of my paintings altered for my 8x8in journal