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Hair Bows

I am making a lot of these as I wear my hair back most days

I made these while sitting at the coffee shop

Metallic spider web cloth and sheer mesh from old Halloween Costumes and Sculpy Bats I made wired on to barrettes

Black plastic tape measures and skull beads from Halloween wired to barrettes

A set of crowns I made -50 Projects #2-

Project 2.   Finish Rose Queen/Thorn King Costume wire and bead Crown for me and Alex (by 1-8-12)

Alex's Crown (taken without a flash)

My Crown

Me wearing my crown at an event

Wire and bead Valentine decoration

I was given a few hundred 12 inch long wire and bead sprays that had been intended for bouquets and I have been figuring out crafts for them.
Here is my wire “lace” valentine made by twisting the wires together and looking them through each other in the middle.



More DIY – Skeleton Key Boutonniere and necklace

I am changing our Handfasting site into less of a blog and more of an official wedding site so I am moving my DIY and art projects form it to here

When Alex and I met at a LARP game we just sort of noticed each other
but never connected until March of 2010 when we met at a Masquerade and I
was wearing a Steampunk outfit that included a necklace with tons of
keys. Alex later told me he had wanted to play with my keys all night as
we sat and flirted.

So when I took that very heavy necklace apart I made parts of it over
into other stuff, including the necklace I will wear and the boutonniere
I made for Alex, and soon Earrings for me. I wired them for a little
more interest.

Ultimate Gamer/geek dice/feather/bead bouquet FINISHED

My bouquet for our handfasting in April of 2011

It is all done, got to love dice, beads, crystals, feathers, wire, duct tape and ribbons… I LOVE IT!

Handle and crystals
view from above
finished Bouquet