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Busting my stash to help a friend

Last night while at a volunteer group meeting I was talking to a lady I know who has a lot of serious health issues and she was mentioning that their little trailer was hell to heat and she only had 2 small blankets.
I thought about how just the day before I had been wondering what I would do with a thick white duvet I had been given as a gift and didn’t need, one I don’t really like white and 2 I have a lovely Gothic themed collection of wonderful comforters.
Well I could cover it for a quilt? Probably never as my one quilting experience was not all that great. 
Of course i could take the filling out for pillows. But then I have a few space bags full of old pillow filler and brand new pillows cost $3.
So I had just stuffed a 13 gallon bag full of the duvet and threw it in the garage for future uses and there it sat waiting to be of use so I told them to follow us home and I gave her the duvet and a small bag of inexpensive fuzzy socks I was thinking of making sock animals or rice bags with (even though I really disliked the colors)
Here I am busting my hump to organize my art room and art supplies and I have things I have no likely use for or real affinity with but it has always been hard for me to let go of things because of “I might need it some day” syndrome.  So finally I am making an effort, I gave away most of the clothes I had when I was bigger even though it is hard for me at times to not want to do something crafty with all of them so I chose just ones I had altered too much already and gave the rest away.
For me it was just really stash busting unneeded stuff, for her it was the first warm night she has had in a while she told me.
Sometimes I hold on to stuff just to have it, so now it is time to be more honest with myself about whether an item will be used or whether it could do someone else more good that it is doing me.