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Hair Bows

I am making a lot of these as I wear my hair back most days

I made these while sitting at the coffee shop

Metallic spider web cloth and sheer mesh from old Halloween Costumes and Sculpy Bats I made wired on to barrettes

Black plastic tape measures and skull beads from Halloween wired to barrettes

Some Art journal pages I did this week

New art journal pages

Coffee art

So I had seen pictures of art done with coffee, I am no where near as good as some of the artists I saw but I did have fun while sitting in the Dawson’s Downtown Coffeehouse with a piece of textured linen paper a waterbrush from my Koi Watercolor set and half an espresso, water and some espresso grounds.

Here is what I was able to do in 30 mins… pretty simple but fun

Coffee art

By the way I did not buy the espresso, it was given to me (hence being half a serving) so it does not count as going off my art supply buying

Altered Puzzle #1 (or how the hell did I lose that puzzle piece?)

I found a new way to relax, I love collages but I sometimes feel overwhelmed when I try to do a larger one and they are difficult to carry with you and as you know from the theme of this blog I love doing art in public places.

I discovered altered puzzles on and I wanted to try it, I love tearing up magazines for little bits of color and texture images and so I went to town with a couple of O magazines I bought at the library for $.10 as well as a few photos and some scrapbooking paper.  And of course I managed to lose a piece of the 25 piece dollar store puzzle I was using (spiderman and friends)

Now I carry everything in ziplocs and oh yeah after spending quite a while trying to put the puzzle together again I learned that you really need to number the pieces or do them on the BACK of the puzzle, it also makes sure you dont mix up pieces.

Making Spiders to help Fandemonium

I am making some of these great German crystal “Christmas” spiders to sell so I can donate money to FANDEMONIUM, a great convention that Alex and I work with.

Each spider is hand made, I do them out of glass crystal cut beads, (and a few out of vintage glass or stone beads) and at this time I have Clear Iridescent, Red, Red iridescent, black, black iridescent and gun metal “black” pearls (glass) also blue stone beads and a few others.

If you want one in a color I did not list let me know and I will see what I have or if I can find it and if it is worth it to buy the stuff to make them in that color.  (I have a few of the Christmas hangers left that they are shown with in the picture, otherwise they can be hung on colored wire… I have quite a few colors and can get more, let me know what you like)

The legs are done with seed beads and wire and they have a little plastic crystal hanging off of them (small glass crystals are pretty pricey)  all of the spiders come with the story of the “Christmas spider” printed on a little cardstock scroll that is tied in a ribbon (let me know if you don’t want or need the scroll)

I charge $12 for them and if you want me to ship them to you it is an extra $3  since I ship them an attractive and sturdy box that can be used as a gift box.  I can arrange a deal on shipping if you buy more than one and don’t mind them coming in the same box, otherwise it is $3 S&H a spider to cover the box and postage.

All the money goes to FANDEMONIUM and if you pay by check I will actually have you make it out to them.

Contact me and I will give you my mailing address….

Local people can get a hold of me via facebook or here and I will also be at Anime Oasis selling these and other crafts May 26-29 at the Grove Hotel in Boise, I will be making these and Dice pendants while at AO.

Valentines Challenge 14 valentines in 14 days #6 (city of love)

This one is a art journal page
I used a map of Paris from an old atlas and gessoed lightly over it then did a sheer shimmer rinse over that.

14 Valentines in 14 days challenge .. Day 3

here is the one i was working on while visiting in the coffee shop for the crafters meet up then while surfing blogs for One World One Heart

it is on a 5 by 6 inch (when folded) little sketch pad made of 100% recycled material I got at Craft Warehouse for $1… I may do more on it some day but this is the valentine portion

click for larger pic

Trip to the LIBRARY!

We have this great thing in Boise called the Library!…. please note the name is actually LIBRARY! it is in fact as far as I know the only city or state building in the country where an exclamation point is part of the actual name… I love that.

One of my favorite parts of the Library! is that I can buy old magazines for $.10, and used library paperback and children’s books for $.25 and hardbound books for $.50 in a place called “under the stairs” (they have a huge flight of stairs just inside the front door.) They also have a real bookstore where they sell newer donated books that have never been on the shelves and newer magazines for a little more (between $1 and $3 for magazines and $1 and $8 for books) I also saw some old vintage magazines that i will check out next time I am there.
I was on my way to the Goth Coffee and Game meet up I host on Thursdays at a local downtown coffee place (I also host a Wednesday Alternative Artist/Crafters meet-up there as well.. it is a blast since I would probably be there anyway) so i didn’t have long to shop but I did grab 11 cheap $.10 magazines, one $.50 hardback book to use for an altered book and a $1.50 newer paperback that looked good. I also found a 2002 copy of Sommerset Studio ($.10) but I am afraid I left it at the coffee shop, I will call in the morning to find out.
One thing they have in Dawson’s coffee shop is a very large wooden dinner table that seats 8 easily and 10 with some effort and is great for art… I carry a couple large sheets of plasticized Freezer/deli paper in my Art Supply bag to cover the table if I do anything wet but the staff there is very mellow about us doing art there. I did some more pages in my WLS Art Journal I am making and had fun watching my friends play Apples to Apples.
I plan to hit the LIBRARY! again next week or so and take a better look at what they have for sale and hope to find my Sommerset Studio magazine tomorrow.

NOTE:: found my magazine in the Bag of Games I take to coffee each week

First attempt with thinning oil pastels

I have been doing my Art Journaling Every Day work, a lot of it by prepping an old art journal I did for Anatomy/life drawing in university in 1990.  I took out some pages and reglued them in with matte medium so they would have both double strength pages and clean backing pages since the original markers ran through the cheap old pages.  I then Gessoed all the blank pages and I am in the process of covering some of the others with matte medium to protect the original sketches and leave them workable.

I am following the Strathmore Art Journaling Series (next purchase a Strathmore Watercolor Art journal or mixed media journal) and one of the suggestions she had was using Oil pastels with an odorless thinner.  I have oil pastels, a 36 set and a 25 set nearly untouched because I dont like the choppy look of them but I decided to give it a try since I would be carrying it in the Art Bag Of Holding known as my Backpack.  I had a 20% off coupon at Fred Meyer and theyhad odorless mineral spirits for $5 in a nice little bottle with a secure cap so I got it ($4)

Izzie (Alex’s sister) and I went to the coffee shop and I did some artwork Friday afternoon and the only watercolor paper I had with me was for my 8x8in loose leaf journal and it had been prepped with a watercolor wash already.  I used a tissue I had in my bag and laid out a large piece of plasticized freezer/butcher paper to protect their table and started just messing around with the page.

I seldom draw faces but I wanted to give ti a try so this is what I eventually came up with:

My 1st attempt at using oil pastels with thinner

Sadly the photo is from my phone and not too great, I will scan it eventually after I seal it with fixative and give it time to dry completely.  This fills both my Art Journal Every Day goal and my 8×8 Art Journal Weekly goal where I am going to do a page in my 8×8 journal as well as any of my random journal work.

Izzie was so impressed by how it came out I gave her my old 25 piece Pentel oil pastel set (which as I said looked like new since I had not used much of it).  Even though they are older they just need the tops rubbed off a bit to be good and usable.  I kept the 36 piece Pro-Art set and I intend to invest in a much better set soon as well as another book of watercolor paper, though I would like to find one smoother paper

Art Journal Every Day… Days 6 and 7

Yesterday was Goth coffee and i did some very basic pages while visiting with friends and this morning I spent a couple hours taking apart a LUCKY and a huge VANITY FAIR magazine and sorting the pictures into my filing box (a large hanging file box with about 20 files, I need more hanging files to sort better)

Here are yesterdays art journal mini pages, I plan on doing my weekly 8×8 in journal page this weekend, with some collage stuff

Day 5 of Art Journal Every Day – Lots done

We had craft night tonight at a local coffee shop and I had 3 hours to journal and visit with friends.

Part of what I did was cut out a couple dozen silver velum butterflies that say Believe in different fonts all over them, the velum takes a great tint when you use gel pens and smear it on it, I am putting on on each page of my new 2011 mini journal since Believe is my word for the year.

Believe butterflies

I then finished two single pages of the 4×6 journal

and started the background for a two page spread, using colors outside of my comfort zone

Finally I helped set up a very basic Art Journal kit for a friend just to get him going

My Word for 2011

I have done a few simple pages in my mini 4x6in journal which I carry with me the most lately, nothing to complex yet since I can carrying it round in public and still finding out how much I can do in the smaller set up.

I will post pics of the pages soon

Art in my Bag

I love doing art in public places, I carry a big backpack full of art supplies and stuff to do Art Journaling and Art Trading Cards as well as other art.  There are times my bag weighs over 20 pounds.

Here are just a few of the supplies I carry in my bag at any one time

This is my blog on my Art journal and other are, especially the stuff i carry in my bag