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Mini list of holiday projects

Working on my mini list for Christmas

Window decor (hanging ornaments)
Wreath for the front door for November using my Halloween hair wreath and glittering butterfly
Wreath for Dec made from green coffee filter flowers and ornaments
hand made Christmas cards (possibly small 4×6″ paintings instead)
Rice hot socks with lavender
Pesto from home grown basil
Ornament making salt dough kits for 5 kids
Painting for mom
A garland of bird ornaments for grandma
Christmas journals (journals for listing gifts and cards)
Organizing new art room and art supply storage in garage

My religion is glitter

I love winter holidays, crafting and lighting up the darkness.  I am not religious at all nor am I against religion and I respect peoples right to believe whatever they believe if they will respect mine not to believe the same and to put glitter on stuff

it is a joke among friends that my religion is Crafts and my sacrament is Glitter which my husband HATES
It is sad but true, Alex is my glitter oppressor.

Ok Ok my husband doesnt actually Oppress me or my glitter, really he just shakes his head & tells me if I spill it I can vacuum it up my own damn self

Faux tiled journals


Vinyl Wallcoverings with texture


Cheap Clearance Journal from Micheal’s


Random selection of the pieces of vinyl in neutral colors


Glued them down after trimming them with a slide cutter

I used Elmers first but it was annoying (slipping and sliding and taking a long time to dry) I now use a very small amount of E-600


I then painted the journal gold and used a foam stamp and matte red paint

ALL SNAKES DAY hair clip

I was playing with sculpy to make little tiles, including some out of a mix of translucent, green and some irridescent pigment powder.  I did them a few weeks ago and had not baked them yet and so when I decided to make a little snake hair clip I simply reshaped two of the small tiles into a snake form and used liquid sculpy to help it have a smooth surface and hold together better.
After baking it I painted a layer of paper glaze on it to enhance the shine and looked through my sample book of faux leather for some little green and dark red pieces for the leaves and flower.
A little E-6000 and a hairclip and time to dry and this is what I came up with.


I got an amazing interior design sample book of faux leather for $5 at a place called Reuse Market that sells art supplies donated from people as well as design studios.  The sample book I got has 50 5×9 pieces of different color and texture faux leather samples and I am careful to only cut out what I need and to tuck any extra back. I really want to get more sample books of fabric and wallpaper.

Wire and bead Valentine decoration

I was given a few hundred 12 inch long wire and bead sprays that had been intended for bouquets and I have been figuring out crafts for them.
Here is my wire “lace” valentine made by twisting the wires together and looking them through each other in the middle.



Cinnamon Clay Ornaments (Ginger’s Victims)

This year I made Cinnamon Clay Gingerbread men with little bites out them looking all scared, since a dear and wicked friend name Ginger did not like me calling them ginger victims I changed the name to GINGER’S VICTIMS

Recipe (Large batch)

1 1/2 cups Dollar store ground cinnamon (this was not quite 1 and a half 4.25 oz bottles save the remaining cinnamon for rolling out the clay)
1-2 tbs Pie mix spices (ground cloves, ginger and nutmeg)
1/2 cup white flour
2/3 cup Applesauce (not chunky)
2/3 white craft glue (I buy this in Aug for $.25 a bottle and it will take 1.5 bottles)


1. Stir the clay mixture with a heavy spoon then knead the mix together by hand until you get a nice clay like texture
2. You can let the dough sit about 30 mins with saran wrap over it but i would not let it sit longer since the batch I did this with never dried quite right (also dont substitute other spices for hte cinnamon and no more than 1 tbs of ginger, it doesn’t set up the same)
3 .Dust a sheet of wax paper with a little of the remaining cinnamon and devide the batch into manageable amounts (about 1/3 to 1/2) and then dust the top and roll it out using at rolling pin or smooth canister (I used an empty spray paint can)
4. I made mine about 1/3 to half an inch
5. Begin cutting out just like cookies with a cookie cutter (for victims you will just use a small knife and cut away little Bites) use a drinking straw to put holes in them for hanging and place on a wax paper covered cookie sheet
6. Take what is left over and a small handful of fresh clay and knead it together and start again at  step 3. until all the forms are done.
7. Dry the Cinnamon clay in an open space, in sunlight if you can and flip them 4 or more times a day  (do NOT heat them in the oven) after the 2nd day I put them paper towles or newspapers
8. decorate with puffy paint and string them with ribbon or ornament hooks

It will take 4 to 6 days for them to dry depending on how dry your house is and how often you flip them

Halloween wreath

I made this out of the flowers that were left from the centerpieces we had at our handfasting.. they are made like this and then I dip them in RIT dye.

I will be making a Xmas one with different shades of dark red (WINE and SCARLET RIT dye) silver embroidery floss and a beaded spider with a white/silver marble for a backside hanging in the middle, I have to get started on making the flowers though I can dye some of the lighter ones I have left as well.

Here is the close up on the skulls and bats and you can see the way the flowers look