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Dancing like lightning

Storm Challenge


A print of one of my paintings altered for my 8x8in journal

Freak Alley – Sponsored Street art

A few days ago my mom and I went downtown around 7 am for coffee and since it was nice and cool we decided to take a tour of FREAK ALLEY a Mural project in Downtown Boise Idaho.

Here is a bunch of photos I took with my phone that morning.

The Theme is Freedom

Coffee art

So I had seen pictures of art done with coffee, I am no where near as good as some of the artists I saw but I did have fun while sitting in the Dawson’s Downtown Coffeehouse with a piece of textured linen paper a waterbrush from my Koi Watercolor set and half an espresso, water and some espresso grounds.

Here is what I was able to do in 30 mins… pretty simple but fun

Coffee art

By the way I did not buy the espresso, it was given to me (hence being half a serving) so it does not count as going off my art supply buying

Want to do more of these paintings

These are a type of painting I did a while back, they are labor intensive but I love them, they are done with lines of puffy paint over a painted background to create a shiny yarn effect reminiscent of Mexican yarn art.  They take a long time to do and you really have to work 5 or 6 at a time since the lines have to at least set up a bit before you can go on to lay down more.

One thing I would like to do is have people commission me to do small portraits like the one below

I need to stock up on canvas board and more puffy paint soon.  Also they work best in a smaller format.

Self Portrait

Close up showing texture and designs in puffy paint "string" painting

a set of crosses I made using the same technique

Craft Projects for the Handfasting

I decorated some slippers with glitter puffy paint to wear with my dress

Poe is in the pic, his eyes are dark gold and usually photograph like this

I also wanted some nice short torches and I thought classic tiki torches would look BLAH and not really fit the spring backyard theme so I found some glass cattail shaped torches in red and blue so I bought 2 blue and a red and painted one of the blues purple (our colors) with glass paint.  The torches were $6 off so I saved nearly $20 on all 3.

one of the blue torches before painting

after 3 weeks it will dry to the point where we dont have to worry about it coming off.  After the Ceremony we will give them to Grandma to use in her yard.

Fresh painted torch (taken with camera phone)

all three torches

8×8 art journal pages

Scanned the rest of the finished 8×8 loose leaf Art Journal pages finally, I will try to scan more as I go and not do them all at once again.

(the Zentangles from this book are below)

Some of my other art – Paintings

A small collection of may paintings old and newer