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Kitty Poe and the Tetris pieces

So I am making 50 tetris pieces for a dance on Saturday, they have to be done in 2 days and so far I havve cut out 100 pieces of neon paper and started making about 6 of them… each piece is 11×5.5 in and has to be folded, outlined and then taped together (in some cases cut in half to make the right shapes) and since the theme of the dance is 8-bit love I am putting paper hearts on them at random (had to cut those out too)

Now I am not sure how i am going to get these done in time and I can use all the help I can get BUT this is NOT what I had in mind..

Kitty Poe "helping" me make Tetris Pieces

Valentine’s day challenge, 14 Valentine’s in 14 days. # 4


This is a super simple one I did with scrap paper left over from making cards to send to soldiers.
By the way I am playing with a wordpress app on my phone right now

DIY Save the dates and Invited for the handfasting

I am changing our Handfasting site into less of a blog and more of an official wedding site so I am moving my DIY and art projects form it to here

The invite covers, a photo I did of Alex’s hand holding a squishy heart

Front of our invites

I did these on 140lbs Watercolor paper that I painted (watercolor wash sprinkled with raw sugar to get a cool effect) and then drew on, These are Art Trading Card size little cards (2.5in x 3.5in) and I mounted
them on cut down notecards I got for $.25 an 8 pack at Micheal’s.
I printed out the insides on business cards and glued them inside. I love
DIY projects and these were CHEAP, about $.06 a piece…LOL.

Making the Save the Dates

The inside is done in word so it is formatted slightly differently (this was a photoshop image