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The extent of the mess that is my art room and supplies

Before we stripped the room I took photos of the mess and photos of MOST of my supplies in the garage, I see a missed quite a bit of them.

Here to motivate me and give an idea what I am facing is the photos I took


art room, computer desk has been moved into my bedroom closet


art room, the tables and shelves and drawers are still there, the supplies joined the rest in the garage


bookcase and my drafting table,


computer table from a different angle, rolling dresser still there, supplies in garage


wooden dresser in closet, rolling dressers on top


my drafting table is under that mess somewhere


monstrous pile of material on my couch, bagged up in the garage now, needs sorting


BEFORE everything went out to the garage this stuff was already out there


BEFORE the rest of the mess joined it this and MORE was waiting in the garage.

Faux tiled journals


Vinyl Wallcoverings with texture


Cheap Clearance Journal from Micheal’s


Random selection of the pieces of vinyl in neutral colors


Glued them down after trimming them with a slide cutter

I used Elmers first but it was annoying (slipping and sliding and taking a long time to dry) I now use a very small amount of E-600


I then painted the journal gold and used a foam stamp and matte red paint

Faux Arabic Lanterns

I had a great time turning an old stretched out sweater and a rotisserie BBQ cage into two faux Arabic lanterns for my front room.

A BBQ rotisserie cage I got at a thrift store for 30% off

I cut the cage in half (more or less) with wire cutters and tape to keep the little bits from flying around

This is an Old 4x sweater that got stretched out to about a 6X and I wear a 1-2X now but did not want to waste the material

The sleeves fit perfectly over the cage and I held them in place at the top with paperclips while I painted it

Due to the way the grid was placed the lanterns are slightly different sizes, I painted the sweater material with gold craft paint after spraying it with clear spraypaint to help keep it from all absorbing in too much

I then painted it with gold glitter craft paint

I wired them with the lamp sets from some Chinese paper lanterns and removable plugs (this was an adventure because I was exhausted and kept putting parts on the cords before running them through the top of the lantern)

I painted the small bulbs that were in the original lanterns with glass paint (the color is so much stronger than store bought colored bulbs) one has red and one has a blue green bulb




I WLL be organized by Feb 29th come hell or high water

So for the last ……ummmmm…. damn at least 7 months I have been planning on organizing my craft room and in the process of pulling stuff out and trying to sort it then being forced to put it all back in to the room in a rush when guests come over it has simply gotten WORSE.

Not like oh it’s a bit untidy or oh no there is a mess in here but OH MY GOD WHAT DID YOU DO IN HERE SET OFF A BOMB????

And now I am paralyzed by the sheer mass of stuff that needs doing and I feel as if I drowning.  Every time I go to get started cleaning I panic and the room just gets worse and then I panic more.  I am this close to tossing everything (not really I love my supplies I just want to access them)

How this happened, about 6 or 7 months ago (early summer of 2011) I decided my some what messy and disorganized room needed a full make over and foolishly decided the best way to do that was to pack everything into boxes and take them in the front room and sort them.

The idea was I would be so annoyed at the stuff in the front room that I would be forced to clean up.  Problem?  My wonderful and very CDO (that is OCD in the right order I am informed) Sister in law decided to put all the boxes in lovely stacks out of the way and well for a few MONTHS I just lived that way slowly getting in the boxes and making everything a total mess.

Then came the day we had to get it out of the front room so a guest could stay over and all the now disorganized boxes got shuffled and in some cases spilt back into the art room, on top of the bins that I was suppose to be sorting but hadn’t.  If you are getting the idea I am a procrastinator you are right on the button (one of the few craft supplies I don’t have making a mess in my house actually)  I am also a hoarder and I am trying to break both habits but failing though lack of cash is helping to hoarding a lot, that is til I discovered sites on upcycling, now I have even more stuff to deal with.

And now every time I walk into the now even more disastrous craft room I want to cry and since my main computer had to have most of it’s memory stripped due to virus and my SAD lamp is in there not to mention my vitamins I have to go in and work but I am crafting away from home a lot or in the front room then bringing stuff back in and making a bigger mess.

Part of the problem is we have a weekly roleplaying game at my house and I have to have the front room cleaned up each week… well this is the one week we don’t have so I have from today, Thursday the 29th of Dec to Saturday the 7th of January to get a serious dent into the mess since right now I need to again haul stuff out into the living room and sort it out into smaller boxes, label stuff and This time PUT IT BACK WHERE IT GOES.

If I can even get it basically sorted and put together I would be happy and it would be a big start, also if I can get the basic part done now I would be able to actually use the art room as a place to do the actual organizing once the sorting into types is done.

I figure Leap Year Day is a good enough goal since it is in fact a BONUS day right?

Here are pics from mid summer:

And now:






50+ projects (ideas) for 2012 has a craftalong section where people list 50 crafts they want to do in the coming (present) year and then you can check them off as you go along.

I figured it would be easier to keep track of them here as well than just on a forum that will eventually grow to be over 500 pages long.

So my goal is to not only update when I finish projects but also blog a lot of them so wish me luck…

Here is my list for 50 project ideas for 2012

Finished  (how many are done)

(WIP)Work In Process

$$$ Items I will sell/Vend

%%% upcycling

50 project ideas for 2012
1.   100% reorganized Craft Room and Supplies (progress 30-35%)

2.   Finish Rose Queen/Thorn King Costume wire and bead Crown for me and Alex (by 1-8-12)%%%WIP Pictures SOON

3.   Clove and rice cloth trivets/hot pads  %%%

4.   Prep all pages for Question Me Art Journal pages – finish filling out at least 15 pages

5.   Embroider paper cover for Question Me Art Journal (save for finished journal)

6.   At least 12 full pages in my other Art Journals

7.   More German Christmas Spiders $$$

8.   4 Wired vials with little Tanzanite, ruby, mixed stones (1/6)
……….garnet Birthday gift

9.   Alter oversized night shirt(s) into fitted dress and or skirt %%%

10.   do 4 or 5 panels of a wall art piece for our bedroom

11.   Embroider day of the dead designs on shams I make from a soft black fleece throw for 3 halloween pillows I got new for $.50 each %%% (WIP)

12.   Finish craft train case with clear tape coating  %%%

13.   Make rainbow “t-shirt” scarves and rainbow burnt organza flower hair clips/pins to vend at PRIDE  $$$

14.   Make Rainbow Necklaces with vintage beads for Pride[/u]  $$$%%%

15.   12 paintings of different sizes, subjects and types, using multiple medias

16.   Make wire wrapped skeleton Keys $$$

17.   Make some holiday art pieces  (Valentines wire heart)

18.   TBA

19.   TBA

20.   TBA

21.   TBA

22.   TBA

23.   TBA

24.   Painted and decorated analog clocks from thrift stores for the front room  %%%

25.   Red coffee filter peony wreath with white feather picks for xmas 2012  %%%

26.   Decorated Blank Journal as gift  (1/4)
……….Vintage Nudes fantasy Journal

27.   Finish Handfasting Scrapbook

28.   Thrift store T-shirt grocery bags  %%%

29.   Handmade charms for bracelet

30.   Fix melted bead lampshade (reshape)  %%%

31.   Puzzle piece “beaded” curtain

32.   Altered puzzles

33.   Fried marbles

34.   Wire wrap cabochons Dad gave me $$$

35.   Decorate (paint/collage/decoupage) small bookcase  %%%

36.   Liquid body soap from bar soap

37.   Teabag and splenda holder (Altoid tins epoxied together with decoupage?)  %%%

38.   Alter PJ/lounge pants pattern to fit a super-sized man and make him a pair (SOON)

39.   Red crystal necklaces

40.   “stained glass” wax paper/crayon cutouts for back sliding door

41.   Werewolf kids t-shirt pillow as gift  %%%

42.   Complete at least one Craftsters swap

43.   Bleach pen henna design on at least one black t-shirt then dye over dye red

44.   Blue gel glue resist dye light red skirt (poem?) then over dye red

45.   Do some canning (xmas gifts)

46.   Jewelry displays from large old frames for craft sales  %%%

47.    Homemade body lotion and face oil and lip balms also Sugar Scrubs

48.   Wire and paper dragonfly ornament

49.   Blog/document at least half of these projects (2/25)

50.   Try and blog 12 new and different weight loss surgery friendly recipes (1 a month) (1/12)
50a. Cream of Mushroom soup/high protein

Here are a few Bonus projects as well

Leg warmers from sweater arms

Cinnamon Clay Ornaments (Ginger’s Victims)

This year I made Cinnamon Clay Gingerbread men with little bites out them looking all scared, since a dear and wicked friend name Ginger did not like me calling them ginger victims I changed the name to GINGER’S VICTIMS

Recipe (Large batch)

1 1/2 cups Dollar store ground cinnamon (this was not quite 1 and a half 4.25 oz bottles save the remaining cinnamon for rolling out the clay)
1-2 tbs Pie mix spices (ground cloves, ginger and nutmeg)
1/2 cup white flour
2/3 cup Applesauce (not chunky)
2/3 white craft glue (I buy this in Aug for $.25 a bottle and it will take 1.5 bottles)


1. Stir the clay mixture with a heavy spoon then knead the mix together by hand until you get a nice clay like texture
2. You can let the dough sit about 30 mins with saran wrap over it but i would not let it sit longer since the batch I did this with never dried quite right (also dont substitute other spices for hte cinnamon and no more than 1 tbs of ginger, it doesn’t set up the same)
3 .Dust a sheet of wax paper with a little of the remaining cinnamon and devide the batch into manageable amounts (about 1/3 to 1/2) and then dust the top and roll it out using at rolling pin or smooth canister (I used an empty spray paint can)
4. I made mine about 1/3 to half an inch
5. Begin cutting out just like cookies with a cookie cutter (for victims you will just use a small knife and cut away little Bites) use a drinking straw to put holes in them for hanging and place on a wax paper covered cookie sheet
6. Take what is left over and a small handful of fresh clay and knead it together and start again at  step 3. until all the forms are done.
7. Dry the Cinnamon clay in an open space, in sunlight if you can and flip them 4 or more times a day  (do NOT heat them in the oven) after the 2nd day I put them paper towles or newspapers
8. decorate with puffy paint and string them with ribbon or ornament hooks

It will take 4 to 6 days for them to dry depending on how dry your house is and how often you flip them

Going on the Craft Shopping Wagon for 2 months

I am a compulsive crafter but worse than that I am a compulsive craft supply shopper, there was a time this blog was going to be named “So many Art supplies…so little time”

The problem is two fold, my art room is a disaster, that desperately needs sorting and organizing and yet I keep getting new craft supplies and then there is the fact that I am BROKE… money is tight and I spend way too much on crafts so until I establish a secondary form of income I just can’t afford to be buying $50+ a month in supplies no matter how great the sales are.

I am not giving up crafting, the whole problem is I have tons of supplies, so many I am often finding things I forgot I had so the goal for August and September is to continue to craft with just what I already have.

I plan to use up some of the canvases I have stacked in various places, the beads and the dice, the scrapbooking paper and the kids puzzles, hell maybe I will get our wedding album done.

I will be posting the art I do this next two months on here and hopefully keeping up with the blog better.

Here are some pics of the craft room to give you an idea what I am dealing with though to be honest these pics are not up to date and it is much worse….