Multipurpose art room?

We had the party and the Tea Room (lounge in my temporarily emptied out art room) was a huge success and it has made me determined to use every bit of space in the closet and come up with a way to cover it during parties (we removed the folding doors as they wasted a lot of the usable space) so I want to use some of my material and possibly grommets and cupboard hooks to make a removable curtain.

I intend to replace the wide rolling carts with a solid set of my thinner ones without wheels and use the top shelf of the closet for plastic bins that can be lifted in and out. The drawers of the dresser will have divisions like shoe boxes and cardboard dividers
My existing bookcase and the chubby rack will be full of supplies (need to buy the boxes for it) and I will use some of the shelves in the garage for items I seldom use, tools I would most likely use out there anyway and the material (in large ziplocs) that I don’t have a specific project for (those can go in drawers)
I will use the wide rolling carts and they can just be rolled in to our room which we close off anyway during parties.
I know it seems strange to plan my art room around using it for parties but we have amazing and very respectful friends and we love being able to allow them to have birthday parties at our place, heck we have a fire pit we dug out back and we partly chose this place for that reason.  Also by having events I hope to be motivated to keep my art room organized.


How a Russian tea room motivated me

A huge help in giving me motivation to get my art room clean came from getting ready for the birthday party I am giving a friend today at our place. 
In prep for sorting the art room into something usable we took everything to the garage and since the room was mostly empty and we can use more space we set the room up as a lounge area.  Floor pillows, Oriental rug, small table, dim lighting to make a tea room where fortunes can be told and it looks amazing. 
The thing is for Years due to depression my entire house resembled the art room before we stripped it and it is hard to accept that I am finally getting the habits I need to maintain it the way I want.
All the time since we moved I was feeling that my house was a mess, that I can’t keep up with everything but it took us less than 2 hours of casual work ( with breaks ) to get it party ready and about 75% decorated for a Russian theme party and that included moving the remaining storage stuff out of that room and moving all the random kitchen stuff out as well.
The thing is the house is fine it is now within 30 mins of “guest ready” at all times except for the craft room, so realizing that this one black hole was dragging me down has motivated me more and more to get it organized and keep it clean and put together.

The extent of the mess that is my art room and supplies

Before we stripped the room I took photos of the mess and photos of MOST of my supplies in the garage, I see a missed quite a bit of them.

Here to motivate me and give an idea what I am facing is the photos I took


art room, computer desk has been moved into my bedroom closet


art room, the tables and shelves and drawers are still there, the supplies joined the rest in the garage


bookcase and my drafting table,


computer table from a different angle, rolling dresser still there, supplies in garage


wooden dresser in closet, rolling dressers on top


my drafting table is under that mess somewhere


monstrous pile of material on my couch, bagged up in the garage now, needs sorting


BEFORE everything went out to the garage this stuff was already out there


BEFORE the rest of the mess joined it this and MORE was waiting in the garage.

First steps towards fixing the art room in 2013

So one of the first big steps to fixing my art room up in the new house have been boxing everything that was in there up and putting everything except the paint, pens, markers and glue containers in the garage.
We have a birthday party we are hosting here for a friend on Saturday so we will be sweeping and vacuuming in there then putting down a lot of floor pillows and putting our spare blankets in pillowcases so that people can lounge around and sleep in there if need be.
Then Sunday we will bring in the rolling drawer units and clean them out and organize them how we want and hang up the plastic shoe bags I store small things in.
We will mark everything with what goes where and I will bring in one box of things at a time then sort and inventory everything and put it away.
This is my goal over the next 6 weeks.  I wish I could go faster but between dealing with hundreds upon hundreds of different bits and pieces of art supplies that are in total disarray  (literally hundreds of pounds of stuff, yes I am a hoarder) and my physical limitations and other commitments I will be lucky to be done that fast.

Right now the hard part is as I packed stuff up I want to use it, I left some supplies in my backpack to use when we go to coffee but I can’t let myself start crafting out of the stuff in the garage or nothing will ever be put back the right way.
Right now I am only giving myself a few hours a week to craft or art journal until it is all done.

Art and craft project ideas for 2013

Just some ideas for future projects

1. Use up as much of the material from my old dresses and skirts as I can
A) make a day of the dead hoopla by embroidering on skull skirt material
B) make Teesha Moore style patchwork bag using Halloween patterned skirt material
C) make velvet patchwork throw with Halloween skirt backing
D) make velvet patchwork bag
E) make velvet and calico material floor pillow
F) velvet cowl scarf

2. Craft organization
A) make wall mounted wire rack paint bottle holders
B) use small boxes to make drawer deviders and cover them
C) use mailing boxes to make paper holder/dividers

3. House stuff
A) air freshener using essential oils and vodka
B) wreath for front door for summer…
C) wreath for spring,
D) gypsy/Bohemian inspired beaded chandelier
E) easy off peek through mirror
F) decorate freezer door
G) fish scale paper Chinese lantern

4.  Jewelry and accessories
A) organza singed flower pins for hats and lapel
B) paper layered necklace (diamond glaze)
C) bamboo tile bracelet
D) DIY screen painted item
E) freezer paper stencil

5. Art projects
A) mosaic painting using textures and found bits
B) mixed media paper painting
C) sculpy tile Mosaic
D) altered art bottle
E) 20 art journal pages

6. Craft projects
A) alter hello kitty to Goth kitty ornaments
B) make branch gothmas tree
C) cinnamon Halloween ornaments
D) home made stamps from at least 3 techniques
E) 12 random acts of craft kindness/gifts (12 things to give away for no real reason)
F) complimentary coffee mugs
G) do at least 4 tutorials of my crafts
H) melted bead ornaments using cookie cutters
I) sweater material covered rice warming bags

7. Sewing projects/clothing
A) turn tank top into skirt / bottom of dress
B) make flowing semi sheer skirt/black
C) make sheer purple spiderweb over skirt
D) arm warmers from socks
E) boot socks/leg warmers from a sweater

8. Cooking

Plan of attack

I feel totally overwhelmed by the idea of organizing my craft supplies in the art room at the new house but at least I have something of a plan and 17 more days til my deadline of the first and Alex will be home for more than half of those days to help.
The plan so far:
* First we have to move everything out except large furniture and either put it in the garage or the front room. This means getting more boxes.
*Then I have to bring in all of the many rolling plastic drawers we have and have been given, some of which are full of random stuff that needs to go into boxes so that I can figure out how to organize them and where to put them
*I need to start sorting through boxes, putting paper in one area and paints in another, some stuff like pens/pencils are mostly already sorted but there is so much random stuff.
* First a base sort, like with like and not stress out about further sorting until the second sort,
*Then I can take something like paper and sort it by type (I.e. scrap booking vs watercolor paper) and not worry about size or color until the 3rd sort…
*Finally I can sort everything by color and/or size etc…  note: with just paper alone I have maybe 80 pounds and an entire liquor box full of pens and markers and pencils and many more random paint types
*Before putting things back in the room I will make up a plan and label each drawer/box/bin with what will go there.
*Danielle Oremus gave me tons of different sized small boxes that held glasses and I plan to use them to make dividers for drawers to put small things in

I CAN DO THIS I just have to be serious and not lose momentum this time

Mini list of holiday projects

Working on my mini list for Christmas

Window decor (hanging ornaments)
Wreath for the front door for November using my Halloween hair wreath and glittering butterfly
Wreath for Dec made from green coffee filter flowers and ornaments
hand made Christmas cards (possibly small 4×6″ paintings instead)
Rice hot socks with lavender
Pesto from home grown basil
Ornament making salt dough kits for 5 kids
Painting for mom
A garland of bird ornaments for grandma
Christmas journals (journals for listing gifts and cards)
Organizing new art room and art supply storage in garage