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Inspriation Avenue Art Challenge: Sacred/Ancient/Symbolic art.

I did this set of Art Trading Cards for a ATC exchange and when I ran regular photos of waterlilies through my printer I found out that the Cyan (blue-green) was not working at all and that the images came out this amazing color.  I have never been able to duplicate this exact effect in photoshop.  I used metallic gel pens to highlight them and add the OHM symbol

They are symbolic of Buddhism to me…

Inspiration Avenue Art Challenge Wk of 2-28

Weekly Challenge February 28, 2011

1. pertaining to the sky or visible heaven.
2. pertaining to the spiritual or invisible heaven; heavenly; divine: celestial bliss.
3. of or pertaining to celestial navigation.
4. (initial capital letter) of or pertaining to the former Chinese Empire or the Chinese people.
5. an inhabitant of heaven.
6. (initial capital letter) a citizen of the Celestial Empire.
I love photos of Nebulae, I collect them from on line, the Nasa.gov Astronomy photo of the day gallery is amazing and that is where I found this image of the Butterfly Nebula.
This is an Art trading card made with photostock and clear acetate butterfly that just happened to be the right color. (it is scanned against a black background)