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Art Challange: FADED (Handfastinging announcement)

I really enjoy art challenges (yes the valentine one is coming..LOL)

so here is one I thought I would keep an eye on:

This weeks theme is FADED, I have done other faded images but I am really loving this one which is actually the announcement to Alex and My Handfasting.  I loved the original photo and the colors were amazing, I wanted to share the close up on the hands and use it twice for the inside and outside of the announcement.  I actually love the faded effect because the colors are intact but misty and softer.

When we send out the invite the photo we include will be the original (at the bottom of the post)

The faded inside of the announcement (URL at bottom obscured)


Original colors -outside of announcement

Original Photo from our second engagement set in Nov

Valentines Challenge- 14 Valentines in 14 days – #5

My fiance HATES glitter, he is a custodian for the school system and is always having to clean it up, I on the other hand LOVE it..lol.

So we have reached an agreement, I can play with glitter glue to my hearts content and use glitter in the kitchen on tile (the rest of the place except the bathroom is carpet)

So here is me playing with glitter glue and some paper weaving I did last year for a series of ATCs that i had extras of

Valentine’s day challenge, 14 Valentine’s in 14 days. # 4


This is a super simple one I did with scrap paper left over from making cards to send to soldiers.
By the way I am playing with a wordpress app on my phone right now

14 Valentines Challange Day 2

Here is an ATC card I made last night it actually opens up like a regular card, I used dark red cardstock and rose patterned paper with a pinkish gold pen

it is 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches when folded