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8×8 art journal pages

Scanned the rest of the finished 8×8 loose leaf Art Journal pages finally, I will try to scan more as I go and not do them all at once again.

(the Zentangles from this book are below)

2011 mini art journal pages

Some of these I have posted camera phone pics of as I did them but I am putting better quality scans of all of the art journal pages up so bare with me.

Art Journal Every Day Jan 1-4

I am working in my mini 4x6in spiral bound journal for at least 10 minutes a day everyday and still trying to get one page done in my 8x8in loose leaf journal each week (still need to scan those pages I have done)

I am not use to working so small or in a spiral notebook so it is taking a bit of learning to free myself up, also I am having to learn what I can and can’t do with this paper, it does not like watercolor directly on the pages but I can do it separately and glue a background in, which is what I think will be happening most with this book.

Here is the pages I have done in the 2011 mini art journal from Jan 1 to Jan 4

Jan 1, picture from NYE Jan 31st 2010

Half finished page from Jan 2 2011

Page done on Jan 3 and Jan 4

New mini Journal for 2011

I just bought an 80 sheet (160 page)  4×6 in hard bound wirebound journal, and I am gluing pages together for more strength right now and then I will start decorating the covers, outside and inside

Cover of mini journal