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Faux Arabic Lanterns

I had a great time turning an old stretched out sweater and a rotisserie BBQ cage into two faux Arabic lanterns for my front room.

A BBQ rotisserie cage I got at a thrift store for 30% off

I cut the cage in half (more or less) with wire cutters and tape to keep the little bits from flying around

This is an Old 4x sweater that got stretched out to about a 6X and I wear a 1-2X now but did not want to waste the material

The sleeves fit perfectly over the cage and I held them in place at the top with paperclips while I painted it

Due to the way the grid was placed the lanterns are slightly different sizes, I painted the sweater material with gold craft paint after spraying it with clear spraypaint to help keep it from all absorbing in too much

I then painted it with gold glitter craft paint

I wired them with the lamp sets from some Chinese paper lanterns and removable plugs (this was an adventure because I was exhausted and kept putting parts on the cords before running them through the top of the lantern)

I painted the small bulbs that were in the original lanterns with glass paint (the color is so much stronger than store bought colored bulbs) one has red and one has a blue green bulb




Inspiration sheets for my apt decorations

I have lived in my apt for about 5 and have wanted to move for a while, over time i decorated it then when I worked as a pay site model I turned my entire front room into a studio and took everything down.  I kept telling myself i was going to move soon and why decorate.  Now Alex and i have talked about it and we agree we will be here at least a year and a half if not longer and that there are more important things to save for than moving to a new place.

So it is time to decorate, which works well since I am also doing decorations for the Handfasting that will work with my vision for the apt and I am also doing a large decorating project for someone else I can’t really go into right now that will let me use some of the items I want to make for my own front room.

I am trying to document my decorating steps and the steps of the DIY projects I do but right now I am stuck with my phone’s camera cause my camera is hiding, though I think I know where, just have to go through stuff to find it.

Anyway I have searched the web and my own collection of photos and found some that make the collage/inspiration sheets for my front room and bedroom so I thought I would share, Note that these are just images that inspire me, my stuff will be different than this….