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14 Valentines in 14 days challenge .. Day 3

here is the one i was working on while visiting in the coffee shop for the crafters meet up then while surfing blogs for One World One Heart

it is on a 5 by 6 inch (when folded) little sketch pad made of 100% recycled material I got at Craft Warehouse for $1… I may do more on it some day but this is the valentine portion

click for larger pic

Trip to the LIBRARY!

We have this great thing in Boise called the Library!…. please note the name is actually LIBRARY! it is in fact as far as I know the only city or state building in the country where an exclamation point is part of the actual name… I love that.

One of my favorite parts of the Library! is that I can buy old magazines for $.10, and used library paperback and children’s books for $.25 and hardbound books for $.50 in a place called “under the stairs” (they have a huge flight of stairs just inside the front door.) They also have a real bookstore where they sell newer donated books that have never been on the shelves and newer magazines for a little more (between $1 and $3 for magazines and $1 and $8 for books) I also saw some old vintage magazines that i will check out next time I am there.
I was on my way to the Goth Coffee and Game meet up I host on Thursdays at a local downtown coffee place (I also host a Wednesday Alternative Artist/Crafters meet-up there as well.. it is a blast since I would probably be there anyway) so i didn’t have long to shop but I did grab 11 cheap $.10 magazines, one $.50 hardback book to use for an altered book and a $1.50 newer paperback that looked good. I also found a 2002 copy of Sommerset Studio ($.10) but I am afraid I left it at the coffee shop, I will call in the morning to find out.
One thing they have in Dawson’s coffee shop is a very large wooden dinner table that seats 8 easily and 10 with some effort and is great for art… I carry a couple large sheets of plasticized Freezer/deli paper in my Art Supply bag to cover the table if I do anything wet but the staff there is very mellow about us doing art there. I did some more pages in my WLS Art Journal I am making and had fun watching my friends play Apples to Apples.
I plan to hit the LIBRARY! again next week or so and take a better look at what they have for sale and hope to find my Sommerset Studio magazine tomorrow.

NOTE:: found my magazine in the Bag of Games I take to coffee each week

Went a little crazy buying Markers for Art Journaling

I bought a bunch of markers over the last few days since Joann’s had 40% off scrapbooking supplies and markers

WOW I did not realize I got 62 markers.. I spent about $40

I got:

Sakura Gelly Roll Gold Shadow Pens, 5-Pack

Sakura Gelly Roll Stardust Bold Meteor Pens 6-Pack, Silver/Marine/Copper/Pink/Green/Blue

Sakura Gelly Roll Metallic Medium Point Pen Set, 10-Pack

BIC Mark-It Color Collection Permanent Marker, Fine Point, Assorted Colors, 36 Markers

Sakura Gelly White Gel Pen: Roll Medium Point White, Pack of 3 as well as a 3 pack that has Black, gold and silver markers

Art Journaling Daily and two new sketchbooks

Bought two new Co-Mo Sketch books today at Fred Meyer’s for about $4 each. They are 6×6″ and 9×9″ which are odd sizes to find, they are also 80Lbs weight paper which is a bit stronger than most sketch book paper. If they have more on the 1st I will grab a couple more.

I also signed up to try doing a daily art journaling session, even if it is only 10 mins a day.  This is part of the reason I am interested in these twoo sketchbooks since I Journal in a 8″x8″ inch multi-media format I can carry these, work on them and then mount the pages I like in my journal