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Valentines Challenge #11

I finished the other valentines but forgot to photograph 2 of them before giving them away so I will have to get photos from my friends and one of them is actually a big wall of tetris blocks i did for a youth dance and i am waiting for someone to send me the photo of it

Here is #11

Valentine’s Challenge – 14 Valentines in 14 days -7 through 10

I really wish I had more time to do better and more detailed work on these but this coincides with the One World One Heart Blogger Event and I am trying to get through all the 850+ blogs before the 17th as well as revamp my Art Blog and I have some actual work to do as well and trying to walk more for my health.

I did 4 more simple ATC mini cards, these open out like real cards and are done on printed paper mounted on cardstock

14 Valentines in 14 days challenge .. Day 3

here is the one i was working on while visiting in the coffee shop for the crafters meet up then while surfing blogs for One World One Heart

it is on a 5 by 6 inch (when folded) little sketch pad made of 100% recycled material I got at Craft Warehouse for $1… I may do more on it some day but this is the valentine portion

click for larger pic

14 Valentines Challange Day 2

Here is an ATC card I made last night it actually opens up like a regular card, I used dark red cardstock and rose patterned paper with a pinkish gold pen

it is 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches when folded

14 days til Valentines Day Challenge (Valentine #1)

I have seen this challenge around on line and I figured it was a good idea to get motivated.

Make 14 valentines of different kinds in 14 days… Not sure if I can do one a day but i know I can do 14 total

here is the first one

Zentangle Valentine for Alex

Hand-bound art journal book pages

I am doing a hand-bound books using the stitch over ribbon method for both my Weight Loss Surgery journey and for our Handfasting

So far I only really have stuff done for the WLS book, I need to start working on the Handfasting one soon.

8×8 art journal pages

Scanned the rest of the finished 8×8 loose leaf Art Journal pages finally, I will try to scan more as I go and not do them all at once again.

(the Zentangles from this book are below)