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Making Spiders to help Fandemonium

I am making some of these great German crystal “Christmas” spiders to sell so I can donate money to FANDEMONIUM, a great convention that Alex and I work with.

Each spider is hand made, I do them out of glass crystal cut beads, (and a few out of vintage glass or stone beads) and at this time I have Clear Iridescent, Red, Red iridescent, black, black iridescent and gun metal “black” pearls (glass) also blue stone beads and a few others.

If you want one in a color I did not list let me know and I will see what I have or if I can find it and if it is worth it to buy the stuff to make them in that color.  (I have a few of the Christmas hangers left that they are shown with in the picture, otherwise they can be hung on colored wire… I have quite a few colors and can get more, let me know what you like)

The legs are done with seed beads and wire and they have a little plastic crystal hanging off of them (small glass crystals are pretty pricey)  all of the spiders come with the story of the “Christmas spider” printed on a little cardstock scroll that is tied in a ribbon (let me know if you don’t want or need the scroll)

I charge $12 for them and if you want me to ship them to you it is an extra $3  since I ship them an attractive and sturdy box that can be used as a gift box.  I can arrange a deal on shipping if you buy more than one and don’t mind them coming in the same box, otherwise it is $3 S&H a spider to cover the box and postage.

All the money goes to FANDEMONIUM and if you pay by check I will actually have you make it out to them.

Contact me and I will give you my mailing address….

Local people can get a hold of me via facebook or here and I will also be at Anime Oasis selling these and other crafts May 26-29 at the Grove Hotel in Boise, I will be making these and Dice pendants while at AO.